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Deals Gap 2001

Deals Gap 2001

Taming the dragon on an H2

 Deals Gap Run Part 1
 Deals Gap Run Part 2
 Deals Gap Run Part 3
 Deals Gap Run Part 4
From the Crossroads of Time to the first stop (7 MB)
Leg 2 part 1 (6 MB)
Leg 2 part 2 (7 MB)
To the Overlook (9 MB)

The video had to be broken up into 4 parts for size requrements.  The first stop was to let the other riders catch up, the second stop was because I heard a noise in my bike (you can hear it towards the end of the 3rd clip...loud metallic clanging)  I couldn't find anything wrong and nothing fell off, so I continued on my way.  This clip was made on my 3rd pass and my very first time through the Gap while I was not following someone, so I was a bit slow.  The video quality is marginal in places.  My $20.00 eBay camcorder was not really up to the task.  I don't know if the vibration caused the problems or the bike's  ignition interfered with the electronics, but the video is shaky in places and went to blue screen in a few others.  Let it play and you'll see it all.

The motorcycle that was used to make this video is a 1972 Kawasaki H2 with a Tracy body.  The motor is stock with a set of expansion chambers made by Tom Loftis of Knoxville, TN.  The camcorder is an old Hitachi 8mm (that has obviously seen better days) that I attached to the H2 in place of the speedometer (that is where it fit)

The rest of the videos

 Dave's bike undergoing a chamber swap and test
 H2 Drew's bike with Tomcat's pipes being tested
 Mr Foully's AR80
 A bunch of us heading out on a ride
3.1 MB
From Chris' video.
4.7 MB
From Chris' video.
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From Chris' video.

Unfortunately, the little AR80 developed motor trouble and couldn't tame the Dragon.

3.4 MB
From Chris' video.

More 2 strokes actually on the road at one time than most people at the Gap had ever seen before :)

 A whole lot of 2 strokes all in one place :)
 This was Dave's idea
  Dave in one of the sharper turns 
  Dave's run back Part 1 
1.5 MB
From Pete's video.


6.5 MB
From Pete's video.
Part 1 of this clip

4 marginally sane people, 1 H1, 1 Dodge truck, 2 camcorders = a lot of fun and a burnt butt

1.4 MB
From Pete's video.

Pete's camera didn't get the sparks flying off the sport bikes.

8.3 MB
From Pete's video.

I was told to drive back as fast as I can.  Keep an eye on the sport bikes behind Dave.

 Dave's run back Part 2 
 Dave's run back Part 3 
 Frank on his T500 going on a ride 
 Some people introducing themselves 
6 MB
From Pete's video.

Part 2

7.4 MB
From Pete's video.

Part 3

1 MB
From Pete's video.

Listen to the sound of that Suzuki.

6.3 MB
From my video.

A bunch of people who were willing to introduce themselves on video.  I didn't get everyone and I apologize for that.